Allgemeine Pädiatrie

One important area of responsibility of the division is university teaching. In required module XX Medizin des Kindes- und Jugendalters (Medicine in Childhood and Adolescence), the Division of General Paediatrics offers 26 lectures and seminars as well as practice exercises on important learning content related to pediatrics and adolescent medicine. Postgraduate training and professional development are also key concerns of the division.


Research-led teaching

In our module, students acquire knowledge of clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of typical pediatric diseases based on the requirements of the Austrian Clinical Learning Outcome Catalogue, and their interest in the specialist area is aroused. A wide range of topics for diploma theses and dissertations are possible. Our division actively participates in international teaching through its Multidisciplinary Educational Course and Educational Course in Pediatric Medicine.


Postgraduate training

The wide range of professional development opportunities at the Medical University of Graz is directed at a variety of occupational groups in the fields of medicine, science and research, nursing and health services. Most of the professional development courses can be completed while the participant is regularly employed and provide him/her with a valuable additional qualification.